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? please come forward. >> i'm katrina, on the board of the alamo square neighborhood association. i wanted to confirm dennis's comment that we are very supportive of this. we have been following it closely. we are excited we are going to get a new irrigation system and conserve more water and will work closely with community who's communicate what is going on as the various stages happen and make that go more smoothly. we are meeting with the project manager, marvin ye, and talking about how this will affect replanting and tree removal. what we can do to really take our park to the next level. and make good decisions now as this is designed so we can have a beautiful park in 100 years. thank you. >> thank you. >> any other public comment on this item? >> good morning, commissioners. thank you for having this item on your agenda today. my name is gus hernandez, editor of the alamo square news letter. i also want to offer my support for this irrigation plant, long overdue. like commissioner bonia said. you know, we are very excited about . this we are going to be partnering with your departm
of hurricane katrina to talk about plans on how to integrate people with disabilities into the emergency plans. and to be part of the mayor's office of disability. and be part of the disability disaster preparedness movement. we have appreciated your leadership, your institutional knowledge. many times over the years as i heard the council hearing cases i see you make that connection to another hearing that was held maybe a year or two before, and seeing the larger picture really of what we are trying to accomplish here in san francisco. i wish you the best with love, with good speed. we hope to hear from you soon. congratulations. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> jewels, i've only known you a few short months. i don't know you as well as i would like. however, i have observed of thing or two. you move through the world with an elegance and style that is impressive. your eloquent and passionate. i listen when you speak i want to thank you for the experience of working with you. >> thank you very much. it means a great deal. >> hi jewels, i've been in the council for four years.
, except look at the price tag of repairing things after stuff -- look at katrina, now sandy. sandy wasn't an especially big hurricane as hurricanes go. it just happened to get deflected ashore in an inopportune place. from a geologic standpoint, katrina was 2005. sandy's 2012. in the sense of deep time, that's like the wink of an eye, it's happening just like that. if these storms happen every five years, then every four years, it's going to be a very expensive and traumatic thing. that's in the developed world where we have the means to feed people on thanksgiving day. in the developing world it leads to horrible trauma. we have huge inefficiencies and there's going to be conflict over transportation and clean water and who gets the rights to live in the most desirable places. this could be a turning point. >> bill nye, the science guy, told me that the world can expect more superstorms like sandy. >>> a deadly fire rips through a clothing factory. 2,000 people were inside a nine-story building in a country where most clothing is exported to the u.s. what do you got? restrained driver
there. katrina. >> people need to know that we have come one step closer to ending the ineffective irrational and inhumane drug wars with the initiatives that passed in washington and colorado on november 6th. this is an opening for the president to instruct the department of justice to reprioritize the marijuana, prosecution of marijuana cases. but also to use this as a way to allow washington, colorado to implement these cases because the war on drugs disproportionately affects latino, african-americans and it's failed. >> colorado is an -- the story in colorado is fascinating. they're setting up the regulatory system. >> eli lake. people should know that the white house and the cia write the policy that was supposed to endure for drone target, china developed their own military drones that they unveiled this week as a military air show. it's not just america and israel anymore. >> inevitable. heather hole bert. >> people should know as we go back to the fiscal cliff/curve discussions, pentagon contractors, have enough money to ride them out for six months unlike military familie
will show off talents and you can donate to the relief efforts. they helped follow hurricane katrina hosting a similar event. >>> president obama got into the action on small business saturday. we'll show you where he stopped for some christmas gifts. >>> here's a live view of downtown san francisco where the bottom half of what you can see there of the buildings lots of low clouds, fog reducing visibility which could impact your holiday travel plans today. a full look at that and rain returning to the seven-day forecast when we come right back. >>> 7:14 is the time. foggy all over the bay area. what you're looking at right now is the san mateo bridge. rob mayeda will be here in a couple minutes to tell you when the fog is going to go and when the rain is going to come. >>> shoppers were aware of small business saturday all around the bay area. in walnut creek, many people were out to shy away from the busy malls and big box stores and support local businesses in what they call a more intimate shopping experience. >> i think it's great. there's a lot of great small businesses out that you wa
.s. has been slow to invest in its infrastructure. in 2005, hurricane katrina destroyed parts of new orleans. now they have a $13.6 billion flood protection system. in 2007, this bridge in minneapolis collapsed. that bridge was rebuilt, but many of our nation's bridges are still in a sorry state and it takes extraordinary events for us to upgrade our infrastructure. well, i spoke to infrastructure enthusiasts and my cohost, fareed zakaria. when we talk about infrastructure projects, there are many people who feel it's stealing, it's government spending, it's ineffective. how do you convince people there is a way to spend that $2.2 trillion that the engineering society says we need to spend and get a payback. >> there is also a very smart way to do it, which is create a national infrastructure bank. have the federal government feed it with capital but then get a lot of private sector money. have the projects -- and this is the key -- have the projects awarded by a group of technical experts who would evaluate the projects on their merit rather than congressionally. now guess who doesn
with his personal situation with monica lewinsky, george w. bush when it came to hurricane katrina. it's tough. the white house staffers are around and soft and not on their a-game. also, the president is tired and perhaps he's not on his a-game. but after january 1st, 2014, president obama will become a lame duck president and people will already start thinking and acting like 2016 is right around the corner. >> does that mean, robert, that you think that republicans are going to play obstructionists? do you think they will? >> i don't think politically they can afford to do this this time around because president obama won with such big numbers. i think they will work with him on immigration reform and comprehensive tax reform and comprehensive climate change reform. other than that, after 2014, i can't imagine them working with him, unfortunately. >> what about the up preem court justices? if so, what potential challenge could that pose for him? >> he will certainly appoint one justice and likely two. the challenge is going to be from his base. they will want to see very liberal jus
are the best team in basketball. >> you really touched all the bases there. katrina? >> people need to know we have come one step closer to ending the ineffective and inhumane drug wars in this country with the initiatives that passed in washington and colorado on november 6. al also, the war on drugs affects disproportionately african-americans and latinos and it's failed. >> what they're setting up there, the regulatory system -- >> people should know as the justice department and cia write a policy that was supposed to endoris the drone targeting, china has developed their own military drones they unveiled this week. so it's not just america and israel anymore. >> heather? >> people should know as we go back to the fiscal cliff, pentagon contractors and ceos can ride them out for as much as six months. up like military families, regular american families -- people should know that if the washington wizards do not break their losing streak, my 8-year-old is coming down to protest. >> the memphis grizzlies are doing well. and you should know the staff in the makeup room here, saturday and sun
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8